Art Memories: When I was little, my grandfather and dad owned the oldest established mortuary in Denver. Maroon carpets with a meandering floral design, a multitude of quiet rooms and long deserted hallways were really creepy. I didn't get to go there very often.

The "company car" that Mom and I took to the grocery store was a huge shiny black Cadillac limosene with enormous white wall tires.

Dad had been offered a position with Walt Disney Studios in the late 1940s. As I think back, he probably turned it down because of his loyalty to his father. He should have packed us all up and headed to California. It would have made a great difference in our lives because he was an excellent artist. I was always astounded at what he could draw.

By the time I was ten, I had set up my own art "studio" in a corner of my bedroom. I had a card table, two small baby food jars of water, a couple of brushes and the most wonderful shiny black metal box of Prang watercolor paints. I loved painting the black-and-white comic strips from the newspaper. So dad is responsible for passing the artistic DNA to me. It has been a wonderful gift. Thanks, Dad!

An art major at the University of Washington in Seattle and a cum laude graduate at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma gave me my first taste of what I could produce. Oil painting, sculpture and print making were my loves.

It thrills me to no end to know my art work has been shown in many galleries and is owned by friends in both the US, England and Brazil.

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